Arkansas’ bells and whistles impress top WR transfer


Cultural difference in Hillsdale and Colorado is akin to a completely foreign language.

Cultural difference in Hillsdale and almost any other college or university, with a few notable exceptions, is night and day.

No Bowman…Richard, are we in the market for another defensive coach?

The young man does not appear to be frail or fragile. Would think he might be effective in jump balls and contested catches. Come on and be a Hog!

He’s a good looking kid. Looks to be the 6-4, 210 he’s listed.

1, TeSlaa is a receiver. Don’t think the defensive assistants would be heavily involved in his recruiting.

2, Cody Kennedy isn’t in the pic either.

Bowman is gone

Yes, and that was the case when when we hired Woodson. Woodson will coach both corners and safeties. It’s been quiet to allow Bowman to respectfully find another job.

I just posted his highlights,he is the real deal!!

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