Arkansas BB-Something to be proud of

In the middle of the depressing news from Perry, it is worth noting and be proud of the fact that…

For the past three seasons, Arkansas is only second to Kentucky in the SEC, in most wins (69), SEC record (38-23), SEC road record (15-12), SECT title games (2) and NCAAT appearances (2). And yes it includes the bad 2015-16 season.

Mike knows how to do it with his recruits,

Excellent post. And needed. Thanks.

Good post

And don’t forget the job that our true student athletes are doing in the classroom. MA is doing things the right way.

Excellent and important point. I think in Jeff Long’s report, he notes that Arkansas is at the top or near the top of the academic numbers for SEC teams.

MA is a good coach, good man, and plays by the rules.

I’m glad he’s ours.

It is a Breathe of fresh air to see these post being positive about our coach and our hogs!
Perry committing to MO U shouldn’t suprise anyone because his father played there. He will play one year of college ball and head out! Hope we can hang on to the others that are currently committed.
MA can coach them up and motivate them to play.
My question in reference to Kentucky is how long will Cal be allowed to have these #1 rated recruiting classes and not cut down the nets by winning it all? He has said in interviews how it’s about preparing kids for the NBA and not winning championships! Big blue nation may get tired of that attitude. I’d like to see the APR on his kids.

The other four Henderson, Joe, Sills and Hill have tweeted out that they are solid with Hogs and I am sure Hill is out convincing other prospects to become Hogs,