Arkansas BB conducted

walkon tryouts last night.

Twenty kids from four countries and seven states took part. The Hogs may take one out of the 20.

Seven to ten years ago kids would just have to sign a waiver and try out and the numbers would be around 40 to 50, but now days it’s much more complicated. Now, they have to be enrolled as a full time student and have a full physical and also have a sickle cell test and results before getting on the floor for tryouts.

This is the 16th year for the coaching staff to have tryouts.

Don’t they also have to have transcripts cleared a la the Clearinghouse? Otherwise a kid with iffy grades or missing core courses could be told to walk on and we’ll put you on scholarship later and get around the academic requirements.

Not 100% on that. That might be the case when and if they invite one of them to join the program.