Arkansas BB coaches

are on the road seeing kids today and tonight. Will pass along what I can.

I’m told he’s lighter now then what he appears in the photo. Think Dwight Stewart type here.

Have you confirmed offer on this one RD?

Yes. He was offered.

Listed at 6-8, 255. 15.9/7.0, 77% at the line. Also shoots 28% from deep, not great but would stretch the defense a little.

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Was it a “strong-ass offer” ? :smiley:

Kid improved in everything between his freshmen and sophomore years, also seems to have grown. Freshmen year 6’7 240, So year 6’8 255 (also looks more muscular)

He listed any other offers?

lol that’s a good one!

I love the kids attitude. He says he can get really nasty and dirty down low. That’s what we need.

Well he can shot the free throws so that’s an immediate improvement. We just some a few big men. I hope the staff land a few they want.

I was just looking at some of his pictures on the team website, he’s trimmed down a bunch. He could be a Mason Jones type of steal for us in the late period. He’s a big that can shoot the ball well, bang down low, and he has some really good size. Looks to have a Zach Randolph type of build. Also, once he gets in our program he’s going to trim down even more.

There’s a fine line between running Cleveland hill for endurance and hitting the weight room to get stronger! This young man could be a road block down low to stop teams from pushing the hogs around to get offensive rebounds.
I like the idea of getting some players that can hold their position and play defense.

Have not seen any highlight video of him, but just from the pictures, is Trey Thompson another possible compare?

Haha. Good stuff there goldsurfer.

A lot to like about this kid. He’s not only a solid 78% free throw shooter, but he’s also a volume free throw shooter. Led his team in free throws shot, and also in free throws made. He was also their leader in rebounds. He’s also their leading scorer. Stats seem to show he’s a true banger under the basket.

I haven’t seen any video, so no idea if he’s got any post moves or if he has a solid 15 foot jump shot. based on the picture, I’d question the 6’8" he’s listed at. I like the Zach Randolph comparison, and I’d think a Razorback comparison might be Alandis Harris, which would be great.

I think he’s a legit 6’8 looking at the team picture from this year, unless they are lying about everybody’s height on the roster, which is possible. Regardless, he has a full game on youtube his freshman year, the video quality is bad, but you can get an idea on how he likes to play. There really isn’t a recent Hog comparison in the CMA era IMO, I think Scotty had it right when he told him he reminds him of Dwight Stewart, that’s kinda how he plays. I’m curious to see something more recent, because he’s a lot trimmer and added more muscle his sophomore year.