Arkansas basketball signee comparisons

I may change my mind after thinking about it some more, but here are some:

Nick Smith - BJ Young

Derrian Ford - Ronnie Brewer

Joseph Pinion - Phillip McKellar

Jordan Walsh - Michael Qualls

Barry Dunning, Jr., - Williams Mills

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The Nick Smith - BJ Young comparison is great. Both would have been great WRs because of their length, large hands, and the fact they can run like the wind.

Obviously, they picked the right sport though.

Dudley did you ever know why BJ changed his shot?

What a horrible decision that was.

I think he was encouraged to do so.

Should have just left it alone like they did Ronnie’s.

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Man whoever encouraged him to do that should pay BJ lots of money…that young man lost millions over that decision.

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William Mills, what a sad story.


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