Arkansas basketball practice has NOT officially started...

Despite what some might have said.

What is happening this week is a continuation of off-season workouts, where programs are allowed 8 hours a week.

College basketball programs can start official practice 42-45 days before their first games - which in Arkansas’ case is Nov. 9.

But you can only practice 30 days during that time.

Arkansas head coach Mike Anderson doesn’t want to take 12-15 days off in those 42-45 days.

So they use the 8 hours this week and then take off Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The start of official practice will be Monday with the Razorbacks thus being able to practice 30 times in 39-42 days.

I am told there will be a PC either Monday or Tuesday.

I am sure people are wondering about Khalil Garland.

He has not been cleared from his issue so he can play, but he can shoot and run - as he always could - so that is why he was able to run Cleveland Hill this week.