Arkansas baseball signee Peyton Stovall powers up (story)

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Earlier story on Arkansas pitching signee Hagen Smith

And one on 2024 commit Cameron Carter

it would be so awesome to get all these Great players to come and play for us,won’t be easy but I really believe SEC Baseball for a few yrs is = to AA baseball.think they would come out far better prepared for the minors

Dudley, do you think he will make it to campus next year?

I agree. And the accommodations and travel are much nicer than in the minors.

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Does anyone know what percentage of minor league, (at all levels of minor league), players make it to the majors? I’m not talking about the percentage of players that get drafted out of HS or college, I’m curious as to how many actually make it on a MLB roster?
I know I could just google it, but for the sake of conversation, I’m asking here.

The chances that a player who is drafted and signs a minor league contract gets to the bigs, even for one game, is about 11%. That does not include international free agent signings who are also in the minor league pool. The chances that they actually stick in the bigs are quite a bit less than that. maybe around 8%. This is from a study of the draft classes from 2000 to 2011. Now the draft is half as long, with fewer minor league teams. What effect that will have remains to be seen.

Yeah, I did some checking myself and those percentages are about right.

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