Arkansas baseball signee Braylon Bishop is in Pittsburgh

He is expected to sign with the Pirates per one of his coaches.

They original offer had reportedly been $250,000

I don’t really think this is a surprise. Everything I read before the draft was that he had no desire to come to school. Even after he announced post-draft that he would come to school, I never had him penciled in anywhere.

He’s going to sign for a little over $250k according to Pirate “people”.

if they even have 250k, actually looks like a little less and they are trying to get another pick also signed who has a money slot that is more than their budget would allow to sign both.

Neither did I, but if the kid tweets he is coming to Arkansas and then says so in an interview, it’s worthy of a story nevertheless.

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probably the best thing for him to do,was going to have a hard time playing next yr anyway.


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