Arkansas baseball lands Houston transfer catcher Leyton Pickney

This week’s run is unreal

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I’m confused,why is he pictured in A Hog uniform??

Photoshop. You can even see in the corner who did it.

Well I was thinking that might be the case but I’m not too educated on things like this LOL.

Unreal run indeed Dudley!

And there are strong indications of another portal addition from the Rebnecks.

This guy didn’t play a lot at Houston. He must be very confident in his abilities to come in and compete with the up-and-coming Hog catchers e.g., Leach…

More to the point, DVH must think he can compete or he wouldn’t bring him in.

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Yes, DVH doesn’t usually bring in transfers that he doesn’t think can contribute

Plus we are assuming he will be eligible this season.

I’m not sure on that, but am working to get in touch with him

Gotta have multiple catchers. Reserve catchers are important pieces.

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