Arkansas-Bama game thread

Burks might be the best tackler on the team

I just asked about our poor snaps but that was on Lil Nicky

Wasnt perfect but thats on Starkel

Looking back, I’d agree but Clary has got to get these snaps down better

I mean our offense is actually doing fine, but then we shoot ourselves in the foot like this.

Had a nice drive going also. Starkel has to catch that one and at least get on the ball when it hits the ground.

I figured it would stay close long! Bad snap, poor playing calling by an OC that needs to be working as a greeter at WalMart and we set Bama up for a quick TD and 5 defenders celebrate keeping a receiver from catching the ball and the receiver behind him catches it in the end zone poor coverage!

Right on cue…

Just as you are gaining confidence and momentum

Find a way to give it away.

You hear about great teams making their own luck.
Bad teams make…
Well you know what

What’s wrong with the play calling? We’ve moved the ball.

Ridiculous that it’s mid season and we don’t have a center who can snap in this “Hammer Down” offense

Crap Nicky is back

He’s awful.

JSJ GHG! Time to see what he can do. Nothing to lose.

Nothing wrong with playcalling

General chicken on first drive running right in the middle don’t wait for obvious passing downs to pass.

Get his ass out of there

If Morris doesn’t bench Nick, I’d fire his ass at halftime.

Morris should be fired at half if he doesn’t.

Well 2 turnovers in the first quarter isn’t a good start. Tough to overcome.

The fumble is on Starkle, the interception isn’t.

Boys chi’s is gonna get ugly