Arkansas-Bama game thread

6 o’clock kickoff.

Clary’s snaps are terrible

If we’d stop missing tackles we’d be doing fine.

Duh. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Good stop

Defense can’t last with long drives like this.

Now if we could only run the ball and complete a few passes maybe we could score​:grin::grin:

They used a lot of time and only scored 3. That’s a win.

That’s right, we need to make a first down this possession. WPS

True, but our defense will wear down if we can’t get off the field quicker.

Score. Make bama fans nervous for a minute and score a touchdown.

Held them to 3

Offense needs a few first downs to give the defense some rest.

Do u think we could see JSJ this game. No confidence in Starkle

Absolutely! WPS

WTH???get Starkle outa there

That was on Clary!

Well the rout is on

No it’s not. Starkel is ridiculous. Guys like Starkel get you beat. Play JSJ.

No way, it wasn’t perfect by any means, but that is on starkle

Shut up and go away troll