Arkansas-Bama game thread


How about trying to tackle the guy and not strip the ball out secondary my gosh that’s an embarrassment running all the way down the field and we’re trying to strip the ball rather than tackling… Santos missed one but that’s the kind of plays that makes us look like a high school team.

It’s going great!


It’s going great!

[/quote]it did not take long for your little ray of sunshine to appear.

The defense obviously did not come to play today they’re not even trying the defensive lineman on even trying to get off the block it’s embarrassing they were defeated before they ever showed up

I’m glad we’ve got Boyd for two more seasons, he’s got SEC talent.
We have at least been able to move the ball some today, hopefully we can score a bit against there first team defense, that would give our offense a real boost going into the back half of the schedule.

Impressive drive.

We are finally starting to run plays I’ve been calling for all year the Slants the drop-offs over the middle the wheel route out of the backfield with the running back now the tight end running behind a another route all these routes are very hard to cover and very easy to throw blows my mind we didn’t try this the first three games of the year

Agree Boyd at least is one of the few with some fight, starting to love this guy

That offense to drive finally woke up a defense it was sound asleep way to go guys great stop now we have to score,freaking fumble on the GL Unreal!!

Gloating…no surprise.

Where was the targeting call on Boyd’s last run ?

I’m proud of these guys

The TD Drive the defense is settling down awesome

Love how they are fighting

Wow we just got screwed on that fumble recovery.

Late hit on Boyd was pretty obvious.

we get screwed aginst these guys every time we play them…ridicious and that is a game changer right there…we had to score when Storey fumbled and didn’t …probably get ugly now.

That last turn of events pretty much sums up Arkansas football my entire adult life. Had no illusions, but just when we were about to at least make it respectable … Aarghh!

The replay of their last TD showed a pretty blatsnt hold on Agim. Of course it wasn’t called.

I agree it was a fumble, but the next TD pass play Agim was totally being held throughout his pass rush attempt. Alabama is good enough that thay don’t need to not get called on obvious holding, this is a bad look on the SEC officiating.
We can’t be fumbling the football in the red zone when we have those opportunities.
We need to score and keep things interesting at the half.

Go Hogs!


Where was the targeting call on Boyd’s last run ?

[/quote] Good question. Announcers seem to be wearing crimson tinted lenses today too. Why wasn’t that play at least worthy of a look?