Arkansas back in AP, coaches polls

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It is what it is, but we deserve to be ranked higher.

7-3 with wins over A&M, MSU, and LSU on the road.
One play away from beating the 10th ranked team and having an 8-2 record.

I love Jeff Traylor, but come on, we would maul UTSA.

Oh well, rant over. It’s good to be back, regardless.


Yeah, amazing how much difference that one 2-point conversion would make. OM is now 10th in the country after winning their home game against TX A&M. We almost certainly would swap places with OM if we would have converted that 2 point try. We beat A&M on a neutral field and would have the road game win over OM.

Of course, more than likely, after this weekend loss at Bama, we would drop back out of the top 10.

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