Arkansas back at #2 recruiting class

2022 #1 recruit Shaedon Sharpe has decided to enroll early at Kentucky and be part of this year’s team.

As a result, Kentucky class of 2022 is no longer rated #1. The top 5 in the new 247 composite rankings are


Other SEC teams in Top 25 are Kentucky at #8, Florida #18 and Vandy #21.

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Kentucky just added that player this season. No big deal Cal does the least with the most talent every year! Maybe he can get to 15 wins this season with his choose bunch!

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I don’t believe that. I watch his teams closely. He can coach. I am amazed that he is all one-and-done some years. I think he coaches solid defense and fundamentals. I would love it if they struggle, but know he’s going to put it together with limited experience now and then.


It turns out that Shaedon Sharpe, who was part of 2022 class, will enroll early in January but redshirt. So he will not be part of this year’s team as far as playing. Just correcting what I said at the top.

How is Alabama doing it?

They have some good history but blah facilities and typically not seen as great b-ball school - I don’t think.

This seems really strange. Why would he forego his high school senior year of basketball just to sit at Bama and not play any basketball this season? Was he maybe declared ineligible to play basketball at his high school, but needs this first semester credits to graduate? Why wouldn’t he want to play BB at Bama in Jan-March?

I don’t think I’ve seen a kid leave high school in December and start playing on his college hoops team immediately. It may have happened, but not often. A reason not to do it, if you hung around that long, is that your four years of eligibility would end in December of year four, but I don’t think Sharpe intends to stay in Lexington that long.

Sharpe is absolutely a one and done.

Thought it might be his age, but he turns 19 in May so that’s OK by NBA standards. But maybe the out-of-HS-for-a-year requirement would catch him if he started playing immediately. Hamidou Diallo did the same thing at UK in January 2017 and started playing that fall.

I did a little research on Sharpe and Diallo. I saw where Sharpe “said” he just decided it would help prepare him for the NBA, if he spent a spring and summer practicing against better players and get better physical development in the summer at KY.

One article also mentioned that he might be eligible for the 2022 draft if he did this and never played a minute at KY. The article also said KY supposedly “required” him to agree to play one year at KY to get the scholarship? If the family gets a firm “yes” from the NBA that he would be eligible, I wonder if he still might do that.

Diallo was a little different, as he actually graduated in May, but just didn’t enroll at KY until the following January? Couldn’t find anything about why he didn’t just enroll in the fall since he didn’t need any more high school credits?

Just getting the clock started earlier on his NBA draft eligibility if he decides to go that route. Best of both worlds.

If he enrolled in August he’d be eligible for the 2023 NBA draft. By enrolling in January… he’s eligible for the 2023 NBA draft.

Not necessarily. It seems to be questionable about his 2022 draft eligibility after a semester at KY in spring of 2022. Evidently no one has tried it and can’t get a straight answer from the NBA. KY was worried enough to get a “pledge” from he and his family that he would play a year at KY.

He will be 19 in May but that will be coming off a redshirt season of no basketball. Not surprised the NBA has a shortage of straight answers.

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