Arkansas-Auburn game thread

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Who is out for Auburn??

First play and we got an injury

Welp, that’s not good

One play, one injury. Not good.

Got lucky on ST with a hold by Aub

Our punt coverage is awful.

Good stand by the defense

Our offense needs to move the ball! Backed up again with poor field possession afternoon the exchange of punts!

Definitely didn’t like that third down play call.

Limmer and Cunningham miss blocks but Cunningham has let his guy cross his face 2-3 times this yr… step up the field!!

Saw two holds on that run, and no call.

Moved from the topic: I just don’t think
Briles is the answer.

Losing the field position battle.

Officials should have looked at that 2nd down pass play. I think that was our ball.

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I’m holding judgement, but I’m worrying. I’ve seen some (in my opinion) questionable calls.

Yeah, I agree, announcers even said they thought it was a backwards pass.

Absolutely! Wps