Arkansas-Auburn game thread 2019


I thought we would show up and compete

Guess that was a bad assumption.

Any chance Muss can keep Moody and Robinson away from the bloodletting taking place at DWRRS?

This is all we should be concerned about today.

Pathetic excuse for a team

Maybe these clowns on the staff will try switching QB’s early and see if they can catch lightning in a bottle.
Try Starkel a couple of series and keep going down the depth chart!

It won’t matter our offensive line is getting destroyed.

This sounds like an overstatement - but we don’t have a single Offensive lineman that would start on another SEC team.

Good job Defense!!!

Offense better do something.

Craddock calling a marvelous game

Nice play be 7

Offense looks like the keystone cops so far

Honestly, we can’t really tell because our Oline can’t block their Dline

Jackson just had his ass handed to him

Agreed, not sure why he is calling play action though. Need to call something to get the ball out quick to the receivers. Slant was there earlier to woods, but he dropped it.

This is hurting my eyes

That’s twice we’ve missed a 1st down because the WR screwed up

Does it matter if the QB knows the plays and can call the right protection if the O-Line is unable to execute?

What’s the matter with putting a QB in the game with the ability to run 4 to 6 plays; escape the rush and throw 7 yard patterns. KY beat us that way just last week.

Nice defense chavis

Once again. Nice defense chavis

Hold!!! Big time hold

You do realize the defense has been on the field all of the first quarter because our offense cannot sustain a drive. What is auburns TOP so far 11 minutes?