Arkansas-Auburn game thread 2019

11 am kickoff.

Still at work. Won’t clock out until one. Think I’ll go fishing today. Not interested in watching Auburns scout team cleaning up at the start of the 3rd quarter. Talk to you guys later.

Great start. Geez

Didn’t take long.

What’s sadder is the lack of fan support.

At what point in the season are the DE gonna learn to stay wide and not crash in?

Guess we should be used to this by now

Love to see a 8 minute drive for 7

The crowd is awful, but I can’t say I’m surprised. Early start, bad team, likely blow-out loss. Bad combination.

Will we make a first down?

WR’s gotta help out more.

How hard is contain to coach?

They watched Kentucky game. Run outside on us. Chavis defense stinks

Our DE’s have got to keep containment.

This game is almost over already. 14-0 with under 11:00 in the first Qtr.

I hope the team hasn’t quit, but the talent difference is painfully obvious.

It’s their strength against our weak point. The O-line can’t keep them off Hicks. This could get ugly fast if the D doesn’t hold up…and as I write that they rip off a long one. We’re toast. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

True Freshman

I know but still.

It is hard to watch! I hope we see a little fight today.

Games over, let’s see some of the freshman

World class defensive line vs. FCS Oline.

Over before it started.

We’re seeing fight, but lets hope it keeps up.

Offense has to do something on this drive.