Arkansas-Auburn at 11 a.m


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Hogs have to figure out how to get started faster and 11Am games will highlight that more.

Started pretty fast In Arlington.

Well the 11am game gives me plenty of time to get stuff before and after the game. It seems like the early game has stuck to our hogs.

“Started pretty fast In Arlington”. And Texas, so 2 out 5 needs some work. Gotta do it at Oxford, don’t give them any hope.

I’m disappointed. Three games in a row at that start time. Given our record, I’d think we’ve graduated from the perennial 11:00 a.m start. Maybe the theory is we’ve had two on the road & it’s time to stick us with one at home.

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That was 2:30

Believe it or not, it’s a sign of respect on THESE 11:00 am starts.

Reason being that they are on ESPN or CBS. Not the SECN at 11:00 or at 3:00. Those are the game times you get when you are terrible and the games nobody watch. So in sense, we have graduated to more respect.


suppose you’re right, but I still hate the 11:00 a.m. start.

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We will get a screwing again when they schedule our game time against uapb

No one will care about that game.

Can our crowd emulate what UGA fans did to us? Doesn’t seem so historically. Maybe Sam will get them to rally.

I don’t think anyone will care about the UAPB game one way or the other. Even if we beat OM & AU, I’d be surprised if more than 45,000 show up at WMS for the UAPB. There might be 50,000 tickets sold if they can get some local businesses to buy a bunch to give away, but the only question about that game is the final margin of victory for the hogs. Bless their hearts, UAPB is just not very good even for an FCS team. The hogs are a legit top 20 team.

The challenge will be for CSP to keep his players focused enough that they don’t play so badly that even a UAPB might luck into a few scores or stops. It could be 42-0 by halftime.

I think it plays to our advantage to play early in Oxford but not so when we are at home.

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The UAPB game will be the 3:00 SECN game. The worst game of the day and takes the least eyes off of the CBS 2:30 marquee game.

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