Arkansas attempted a "Kick Six"

I didn’t notice this live yesterday but saw it on the replay. TJ Hammonds was standing in the end zone on Louisiana Tech’s 54-yard field goal attempt to end the first half. That’s the first time I’ve seen Arkansas do that. I wonder if it was inspired at all by the Houston play earlier in the day or if it has been practiced. My guess is the latter.

I don’t know why more teams don’t try that. The field goal teams are usually comprised of seven or eight linemen, one or two tight ends, a kicker and a punter or quarterback - none of whom are used to tackling and are typically slow. It looks to me like a low risk, high reward play.

I noticed that too, although I thought it was someone other than Hammonds back there. I would think people would have started doing it after Auburn’s Kick Six against Bama in 2013. But maybe we haven’t been in a situation where someone was trying a kick that there was a reasonable chance it would fall short.

I thought it was Henre Toliver. Thought I saw #5.

Just looked at the participation list, and Hammonds wasn’t on there.
(On a side note…why can’t they get the correct numbers listed for our players??? For example, Froholdt is #51, not #5A. They got a lot of them either incorrect or typos.)

I hope it was Hammonds, in which case we can conclude he may start seeing action?

I think you are right that it was Toliver. The fonts they use for numbers are hard to read from a distance and the camera never zooms in on the player. My wife and I have rewound it 10 times and can’t say definitively whether it was 5 or 6.

They have Froholdt listed like that because we have two #51s, I would think. Probably should be 51A though.

I figured, but they screwed most of them up. Had McFain as #4a, but he is #48.

Now that I think back on the play, I had heard about the Houston play against OU, so I was watching our defense as both teams lined up. Toliver, or whoever, was on the field in what would be a deep safety position in case they were going to try a Hail Mary, then dropped back into the end zone as it became clear that it would be a FG attempt. I don’t think Hammonds would have been out there to play safety.

It was Toliver. Didn’t watch the replay until after I had read the OP of this thread Sunday, so paid close attention and it is positively #5, though I get what Matt says about the font making it a bit harder to tell.

Still, a “kick six” concept, regardless of who was back there.

I talked to Bret Bielema and Henre’ Toliver about the play. Here’s more: … ix-opener/