Arkansas at Vanderbilt, game 3

More lineup shuffle. (BTW, I would have started Wicklander since he has been ineffective out of the pen and Scroggins has pitched well from there, but then I’m not the coach.)

i would have started Wicklander but after he saw how Noland handled his opportunity he was probably afraid Wicklander would be shellshocked but no Gurantees Scroggins can throw strikes either…Goodheart deserves that,hope he stays hot.

Holy Cow, I can’t turn off the Masters. I may have to score this game without sound until after golf is over. WOW.

On the radio, DVH just said that they had told Scroggins that if he had not pitched before today, he would start.

Well he obviously has more experience…just needs to be on top of his game from the 1st Pitch.

Well what do you know we finally get a lucky break will a little dunk hit to left how does that feel Vanderbilt??great job by Kenly for getting us another run.but then gets picked off of first base unbelievable! Well at least we can say we had the lead for 1/2 inning.

Poor base running again Kenley gets picked off by the catcher with 2 outs.
At least we scored 2 runs.

Wow! We were very lucky there! Hard to believe we can’t get somebody that can throw a freaking strike… all I know is our offense to get ready to score about 10 runs

Great job ezell! Picked up Franklin who obviously has no clue how to bunt, cost us a run. Martin…smh.

Martin is heading toward another hat trick in K’s and the pitch he struck out on was outside again. Broken record the way he gets himself out. Frankin poor bunting did cost us a run and an out hit into a darn double play.
It’s hard to believe Scroggins is walking so many batters. Just stupid. I guess he enjoys seeing the top of the their order because he is getting ready to see them again.

Walks will kill you…we have no chance to beat anybody left on our schedule with pitching this horrible…it’s embarrassing

Get his rear end out of the game. If you can’t compete in the strike zone and walk batters you don’t need to be pitching!
I would rather see Vandy have to hit the darn ball to get on. Ineffective pitching and bad base running is the theme again today. The game we had good pitching we couldn’t score enough runs.

Soooo, why is Scroggins still in?

Well, they’re hitting the ball now. I’d have thought getting 3 runs in the first two innings gave us a better than average chance to win. Now down 3-6. Maybe somebody in our BP can come in & stop this mess. That last fly out only lacked about 2 ft & we’d be down 5.

If I was guessing he won’t be in next inning! I hope not. The Vandy bull pen will put our bats to sleep so we better score some runs quick.
It don’t matter today I’m praying for rain in Vandy and a wash out!

Wicklander is getting hammered… we are an absolute basket Case right now and it’s not going to get better anytime soon. Mississippi State coming in is better than they are Vandy had lost five SEC games. That just goes to show you how terrible we are playing right now. It’s just sad to see us play this way that just goes to show you how quick you can lose it.

Absent some miraculous turnaround, we’re about to get swept. Going to put us in a bad position in conference. Maybe a 7th-8th place finish. Perhaps worse. Going to need to make up some games against tough competition in the next 2-3 weeks.

Good to see Opitz hit a HR…great job but the way our luck is going you know it would have to be a solo home on …

Good inning! Pull to within one run let’s see if wicklander can hold them down…

And he did! Nice.