Arkansas at Vanderbilt, game 2

I will merge all game posts into this thread.

Casey Martin is leaving a mark on this first inning. First getting to a ball in the hole and throwing out of play and there runs into Franklin where Franklin probably makes the catch and it cost a darn run.
To make matters worse plans can’t get anybody out yet! That’s baseball and the way it goes sometimes.

#$$#$# never in my life have I seen such crap luck! Make a great pitch in the ball drop out there right there where no one could catch it. Going to lead to a big inning now burns my butt!!

What kind of coach is this, didn’t have the team ready for a big game like this! Fire his butt!


Rammage gave up a HR!! Shocker!! noland was not throwing the ball that bad!! This is a bunch of bullcrap. Oh well ball games over can concentrate on the Masters…

Well this one over in first. 7 runs and no outs. Wish he would replace Nolan w Wicklander as starter I know he will be a stud but he hasn’t lived up to all the freshman hype he got early. And rampage has been bombed AGAIN.


We K trying to bunt with 2 strikes and just look like pure crap at the plate and we take the field and can’t get nobody out. Bad news bears today. That play to left down the line Martin should have pulled up!
Really funny Swine! This junk happens at times!
The hogs won’t score 7 runs in this series and they are down 7-0.
I’m watching Golf and will keep up with game at the same time but this is sorry.

This won’t get any better next week Mississippi state has 2 stud pitchers on Friday and Saturday and hit the ball better than Vandy. We could very easily be out of this race very quickly. We simply don’t have three great weekend picthersthat are consistent and that’s what you have to have in this league.

It may be time for Wicklander to just start game 2. The hogs need some more LHP
Noland will be good but he sure didn’t have an out pitch and the defense didn’t do him any favors. Our offense sucks! We should have won last night and today we are getting pounded.

Yes it happens. In all sports. And the wolves howled at Nolan when it happened even after three Final Fours and an NC.

Swine, I don’t see anyone calling for DVH ‘s head. Just cause your still butt hurt from Anderson try not to put words or thoughts or criticize another posters that are just distressed over this game. Yes happens to every team. Doesn’t mean we have to like it.

Our game 2 pitching has been suspect in conference play. We don’t look like a well oiled machine right now and even DVH has moaned about pitching.

My personal opinion is Nolan will have to choose one sport or another to excel in either. He needs fall ball if he’s going to be an sec starting pitcher. Just my personal opinion.

I agree that Noland will likely have to end up choosing one or the other.

I don’t see how he will ever be able to develop consistency in either, with the constant bouncing back and fourth.

Nolan played football, but chose to coach basketball. Now Noland on the other hand … (Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.)

Good one baumbastic. Need to make it clear which Nolan I’m speaking about. Lol

The baseball/football player is Nolan[size=150]d[/size], note the “d”. :sunglasses:

Noland will be fine. He didn’t look bad on the bump, but Vandy has been able to hit it where our defenders aren’t.

I think it’s time to put Goodheart closer to the 3 or 4 hole. He’s consistently been our best hitter. A sweep at Vandy won’t look good, but it won’t break our season. Just gotta bounce back with some better offense. Not concerned with the pitching staff at this point.

Goodheart is hitting better than any other Hog! Ezell and Heston are struggling.
The Hogs swing out of the zone too much and take pitches that are strikes.
Defense needs to help the pitcher and today they sure didn’t. The tone for the game is simple today Ezell attempts to bunt with 2 stikes and the result “K”! Pretty stupid AB. Martin and his high light reel today is about as bad!