Arkansas at Vanderbilt, game 1

Come on, boys. Let’s win this opener!

Here in Nashville.

Lots of red.

I see that!! Go Hogs!

This game may end up being nail bitter! Both pitchers are dealing and thanks to Optiz we have a 1 run lead!

Yeah but .we haven’t had good swings tonight and that 1 run lead looks like more than one.just hope they can make a mistake and we capitalize.

I have ever in my life an interview with a player take almost an entire inning! I bet if they interview one of our players it might last 2 minutes not 10!

Yep that’s how you lose ball games right there runners on first and second nobody out and we don’t scratch. Where’s the Bunt to move them up??? We will probably look back and regret that… no way you can’t get one run there!!

Base running blunder twice by Goodheart.
On the ground to SS he should have been running and went back to second base and the next ground ball with runners on 1st and 2nd he doesn’t run on contact. Cost the Higs a run. In experience showed it’s ugly face there.

Teah he should have been on third base but I’m surprised we didn’t bunt them over the second and third we will regret not scoring there.

Leadoff triple!! About to be down by at least two.

Agree. One run down, runners on 1st and 2nd, no outs and no bunt? Very surprising.

That may have been the game there in the 6th.

Really not sure why DVH didn’t bunt with two on nobody out

I can’t believe Goodheart failed to get the 3B on the first groundball. That was as good as a bunt. The hogs should have scored in the 6 th.

Kjerstad still swinging that slider down and in totally impossible to hit it fair if you hit at all which he hasn’t 3 times

2 on no outs Righty on Righty in an obvious pitchers dual and you don’t move runners with bunt? Cmon that’s Baseball 101. Put pressure on pitcher and defense and remove double play. Livid over that one!!

Martin pulls his swinging at junk late down 2 runs to strike out. Terrible AB! Then Fletcher gets hit by a pitch and Goodheart walks! That’s another thing that gets you beat a lot!

Here is our chance bases-loaded one-out. Nesbitt usually puts the bat on the ball, so we will see.

Got one back .I don’t think that was strike three but you got to swing the bat with 2 strike opitz he never got the bat off his shoulder.

Campbell has really pitched well tonight. Gonna be a shame to lose this game.