Arkansas at Texas, game 2

Feel free to post your game comments in this thread.

I’m ready for the first pitch. Come on Hogs and score first.

Miserable call on that check swing. Clearly the bat went across the plate.

Great approach at the plate tonight going with the pitch very impressive!

Hogs up 3-0 in the 2nd. ESPN has the score but the LHN won’t provide the stats. Figures.

Crap I can’t stand a giveaway runs!

2 gift runs! Taylor will get a good talking too in the dugout. There’s no excuse for those walks. Or the HBP!

That’s what I’m talking about Fletch!!

My gosh Burton has no clue where the ball is going!

No he doesn’t. He may not get many more chances if his next outing is a repeat of this one. We need someone who can throw strikes. This is the only way the Horns can come back.

You got to be able to throw strikes.can u believe that crap!! Can’t even throw the ball back to the dang pitcher!! Great job by Liam Henry only to have it blown by plunkett!!!

Now that’s lazy and there’s no excuse for Plunkett throwing the ball over the Henry’s head to allow a run. That’s sorry!
It was nice to see Henry get out of that just giving up one thanks to Plunkett.

That looked like Little League stuff right there

Even though we almost got out of it unscathed, still fortunate to only have them score one from where we were in the inning

That 3-1 pitch was outside to Franklin was a ball! He should have walked. Bases loaded and 1 out. Instead of Martin getting himself out swinging at a pitch a mile outside. That was tough again. The hogs had yet another chance to score and missed out.

Martin is clueless right now… unbelievable how many times he swings at a pitch like that he makes up his mind to swing before the ball is even thrown!

Man oh man, Martin is really struggling!
That was a bad swing for strike three.

These young pitchers aren’t coming thru tonight.

We’re about to blow this lead real quick if we’re not careful… pathetic we should be up 5-0

I know we aren’t TRYING to give this game away, BUT,
These pitchers are really struggling.
We just need to score some more runs to offset our pitching.

Maybe Martin & some of our young pitchers need their eyes checked.
In fact I’m for everyone on the team getting eye exams after seeing the before and after of 1 player.