Arkansas at Texas A&M, game 3 (rubber game)

It’s not showing up on SEC network +!

Can’t find it either!

I found it on ESPN app by choosing baseball, then going down to the additional NCAA baseball icon
Our game is listed there even though it’s not in the main list

“Explore more baseball”. NCAA Baseball

Boom that aboy Casey!! but 2 more K’s both on pitches shoulder high from 2 veteran players :evil: :evil:

I have it on the ESPN app on my Apple TV.

Meanwhile, we have a good start. Casey hits solo HR followed by Goodheart base hit. (Ezell struck out swinging at what looked like ball 4)

Damn. Fletcher swings and misses at the same high, outside ball Ezell struck out on. Two K’s for Roa

It needs to be mentioned Nebraska…another Space Cowboy color man?

Ezell & Fletcher both struck out swinging at the same high & away pitch. Regardless, it’s good to get an early lead. I think we can hit this pitcher.

I wondered where that came from, too.

7 pitches 3 outs…I like it :sunglasses:

Big spot for CN to show he can win a big game on the road.

great start Connor through 2,keep it down like that…Offesne needs to get after this guy,hopefully he will hang a few of those CB’s and we can bang them.

And now 6 outs, 13 pitches. DP was nice. Hope this gives Connor some confidence & he pitches well through 6+ innings.

Was that not a strike on the first pitch/bunt attempt???

I thought the same thing. It showed as a strike at first, then they changed it to a ball. Bad call

What are we so bad with runners on third with less than two outs?

Why, why, why!!!

Franklin and Nesbit really struggling right now

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: Bases loaded no outs again and get nothing!!! bottom of the order is klilling us!!! its ridiculous how bad our swings are in this series with RISP!!

If we lose we have no one to blame except ourselves!

How many times can we load the bases with no outs & get no runs? I want to scream!

Nesbit has struggled at the plate, but it seems that ump is calling strikes that are high & inside to RH batters.

Well we didn’t actually have bases loaded no outs

We had first and third no outs and bases loaded one out

But it is still epic fail