Arkansas at Texas A&M, game 2

I missed most of the top of the first. Why is Goodheart wearing #40? Did his uni get damaged?

Hang it and bang it…

Phil has guessed that he left his red uni top at home.

Well, an awfully inauspicious start for Wicklander. Hope he can shake that off & get things under control.

Scratch that. Hope he can shake those off & get things under control. We can’t afford to lose a starter early.

Well this isn’t a good start! 2 homers and no outs!

Could get a heavy dose of Ramage tonight.

We know the ball is jumping, just need to take advantage on our at-bats

He left his red No. 10 jersey at home.

I assumed managers did all the packing.

Count me as one who while excited about this team knows we will struggle in regional/super bc outside of Campbell we don’t have reliable starters

Yeah having two freshman starting pitchers is a crap shoot

This will be tough to come back against Doxakis

Very disappointing

Well, Kenley’s 2 run HR makes this a manageable game again. Hate being 2 down, but we’re back in it now. And suddenly Doxakis doesn’t look invincible.

just getting in WTH was Wicklnader problem!!! one of the most pathetic hitting teams and your throwing BP!! unreal!!!

Meanwhile Chickens lead Moo U 2-0 in the fourth at Stankville. Both runs scored on wild pitches. Maybe we catch a break from the poultry…

You don’t get to 20-8 in the league without reliable pitching. Wicklander had a bad night. It happens. The sky is not falling.

Ramage is throwing well but gives up a run on 3 freaking infield hits :evil: :evil: some games you just arent destined to win…Wicklander not sharp is really hard to beleive!

just blew a golden opportunity should have had Bases loaded b/c Ezell swung at ball 4 just needed to find ahole on that hard hit by Goodheart guess we cant get lucky like Tamu

Now we have the bases loaded & nobody out. Got to get some runs here if we want a chance.

Bases loaded no outs and we get three straight strikeouts!!!