Arkansas at Texas A&M game 1

Any freaking fly ball the center or left is going to be an adventure. They have a sinker baller throwing so Connor’s going to keep the ball down so that was a pop up with just about got out of here

I guess we have to wait till the softball game on ESPN gets over before they start?

It’s on watch ESPN SEC network plus

We got our hands full with this guy 97 mph sinker and nasty breaking ball. But we got 4 runs in 4 inn last year on him but he looks tough.

Great job Connor!! Let’s go offense get him some runs…

Meanwhile softball went into the fifth inning at Florida scoreless. It ain’t scoreless now. Wallets opened the fifth with two straight errors and we made them pay. 5-0 Hogs.

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This guy’s dealing he was extremely lucky he caught that first ball but we are not getting any kind of swings against him that are good for the most part. No room for error on this game Connor

Woohoo got my beer hat in today!! Let’s go hogs!!!

Hard to watch this coverage on TV with this inane conversation with the A&M guy!!!


How many aggies does it take to talk one whole inning? 1

I muted him… :grimacing:

Nice throw Lanzilli…

We gonna lose

Come on Connor!!!

It’s only the 4th.

These Aggie students are something….

Well could’ve been worse. Let’s shut them up now!!

Way to fight through that Connor.

that was uncharacteristic