Arkansas at Texas A&M, game 1

Boom What a Bomb by Ezell!! huge hit!! hopefully we can make it standup b/c the LH hitters have not looked good at all other than Fletcher.,need to get goodheart going hes struggling

It’s nice to get that 3-0 lead. We’re likely to need some more runs, but this was an important inning against that pitcher. He’d been looking good. Now he’s given up the runs & is up to over 50 pitches.

swing the bat LH’s! my Gosh taking all kinds of hittable pitches! then we swing at the CB a foot off the plate…dont get it! thank you Kjersdtad!! 8Ks kid is not that good!

Kid has some good pitches in his arsenal and mixes them up pretty well, making our batters guess wrong. But As usual we start catching up to him by 3rd-4th innings.

so much for the lead Franklin throwing to the wrong base cost us that 2nd run…now we got a ballgame again :evil: :evil: :evil:

Bad time for an error, but there’s no way that next throw to 3rd should be anything but an out.

It was. I guess they were looking at obstruction but you can block the base if you have the ball and he did.

Franklins throw was less egregious than Nesbitt spectating. Kid showed good speed and awareness going 1st to third. Defense is an ongoing and yet to be solved bugaboo for this team. There seemed to be a big momentum shift to the Aggies that inning. We get caught pressing and mix in a little walkabout mentality that other teams take advantage of, but we got the bats to overcome.

There you go Casey!! see what you can do when you swing at hanging CB’s…Thank you Goodheart!! see there!! we have made him look better than he is.

Back to back jack!

Weber is at 102 pitches. Can’t imagine he’ll go much longer.

Well, back to back HR’s gets those 2 runs right back. Weber is now over 100 pitches. Bet he’s finished.

Campbell not with his best stuff but still pretty good.

And sure enough, Aggies going to the pen.

He’s gotten through 5 with 82 pitches. If he can get through the 6th, he’ll have been plenty effective, but I agree, he’s thrown better.

that a boy Kenley!! way to be ready for it!!

Now 4 long balls & we’re up by 4. Hate that 3 of ‘em were solos, but I’m thrilled we got the runs.

LOL. That’s like complaining that somebody gave you a million bucks in dirty $100 bills.

Miss st up 4-2 in the 4th over SC

yeah I agree Richard Campbell not real sharp but so far effective FB only as high as 91 tonight so that down about 5 MPH…