Arkansas at Tennessee game 2

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Lot of pressure on Pallette, will need him to pitch his best so far.hope hes ready for it need him to go 5…like seeing Webb in there.much better hitter than hes shown.

I hope we come out swinging and get a few early for Pallette,their guy gives up more than a hit an inning.

Worked all night and just getting off, this is gonna be rough to stay awake!

Wow,I can imagine.

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I can’t believe that I’m alert this AM. My neighbors had a party last night. Their patio faces my bedroom window. About 12:15 it all quieted down (after a lot of shrieking and loud laughter.) I drifted off to sleep. Then at 1:50 AM it started again with loud, indecipherable rap. I finally gave up and turned on the light. I played solitaire on my iPhone for a while. They finally stopped about 2:30.

I have enough trouble getting a good nights sleep without the “assistance.”

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Ive been in those shoes before Marty…miserable feeling.

Horrible AB by webb!

These are my favorite Arkansas unis!

Dad-gum! Right off the bat, a double!
No pun intended

Here we go again leadoff double

Imma make it!!

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Going to be safe

Maybe you can keep them up celebrating a win today! Or wake up like 6am Sunday and be loud! Lol

Yep, he was safe

Game is on already, thought 12:30!?

This is a replay from last night!

Yep 1st and 3rd no out…here we go again

Ok I’m tuned in now!

Pallette should have bare handed that ball. Took too much time to get out of his glove.

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2 better than 5 but Pallette getting the ball in the middle a lot