Arkansas at Tennessee game 1

I’m nervous about this one.they have been on fire last couple weeks against Kent and Mizzou but they are the worst 2 staffs in the league.Spence their leadoff hitter is a great player hitting .389 and draws BB,we need to control him,he is a catalyst for them.Dallas is RHP 88-90 FB, very good CB but has given up some HR’s,so hopefully we get a few early and allow Wick to feel at ease,this will be his toughest test so far.
I like having Smith in there and I feel he is going to have a big hit tonight.

You have to consider who they played!
It’s a little different playing better teams.

well they hit 3 HR’s off Leiter ,leave it in the middle they will hammer it.
Wick dominated them 2 yrs ago,hopefully he can again although totally different lineup

Peyton Manning threw the first pitch.

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That’s what you should do with a fastball down Broadway.

Dallas throws a little harder than I thought Slavens almost got it out

leadoff hit! that guy is incredible

Yes he did. Now the Vol’s have a lead off single and a bunt single. 2 on a no outs. So much for a quick start for the Hogs. Down 2 early and still no outs.

this is what i was afraid of

@##$$$ exactly what i was afraid of!!they not going miss pitches in the zone

Guys, I can’t get the game where I am at. Can you give some specifics on what is going on?

B1st. Tenn has 3 straight hits. No outs They lead 2/0

leadoff hit and bunt single the double down the RFline,they hit 2 great pitches on those hits 2-0,They are ripping the ball linne drive to 3rd that Smith knocked dwon but no play

Thanks guys.

As long as Wicklander can get by with just giving up 2 runs it will be fine.

Well the old 3 run home run! It will require a come back. That error on Smith at 3rd base makes it sting a bit.

You are ahead of the broadcsst Army…5-0 is a nightmare start.