Arkansas at South Carolina

No Jaylin, Ethan is subbed at the first TVTO, but Vanover blocked three shots and got three boards before he came out.

And Moody is tearing it up

We need to drive to the basket and get them to foul some

Is Jaylin out or in the Hoghouse? WPS

He is at home. Covid

We’re driving and dishing which is what they are giving us.

Great passing. Muss does a super job against zones.

Thank you, I’ve been out of pocket of late. WPS

MM with 11, Notae, CV and Desi each with a trey. We’re gonna shoot them out of this zone at this rate.

Threes are falling for us today, keep attacking and stay out of foul trouble we will notch another win. WPS

I assume that’s contact tracing on JW not that he has covid.

We don’t know, Either one is possible.

We need Connor to start eating with the football players after season is over. WPS

Desi is 4-4 from deep!!!

Our defense is playing well and our offense may be playing better! WPS

If we get Desi going with all the other weapons. We could have a very exciting March

Good to see Desi back to form

We are very good at getting our hands up on defense which is a lost art, good coaching. WPS

17 point lead at halftime. That will work. Which matches the number of points Moody has.

We have scored 100 points in the last 40 minutes of play going back to LSU game

Offense is clicking as good as they have all season

SC is staggering. Need to knock them out in the second half