Arkansas at South Carolina game 1

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Gregory is an intriguing leadoff hitter. He has the team’s best on-base percentage of .507.

Wow Gregory lead-off, he’s got a great eye and can burn you if you put the ball inside… Franklin has to wake up and Bolden somehow has to keep us in the game for 5 inn.Their pitcher has big-time CB.Nesbit hitting 7th against RH is surprising too

Columbia - the armpit of the SEC

Whew… Got out it but 24 pitches. Better swing The bats boys

Well so much for a good start on the mound. 2 walks and give up 1 hit by Battles moving and getting out of position with the base runner headed to second. Over 20 pitches in the first inning! He won’t last long!

Dave Van Horn said the hope is for Bolden to give the team 3-4 innings tonight. They don’t expect a long start from him.

Atta baby Bob Moore!


4 innings is a stretch at 24 pitches per inning.
Moore’s homer gives Bolden a lead let’s see if Bolden can get through the bottom a little better than he did the first!

Got to keep the ball down Bolden,they have had some good pitches to hit but have missed them.he keeps leaving it up probably a matter of time it won’t come back

I think it is impossible for Caleb to go 123 in an inning

Sloppy on the mound! HBP the 9 hole hitter! At least he don’t ware a lot of pitches to hit him. Bolden clearly coming off the mound as he pitches pretty wild toward first base.

Need to get these runs in here and got nothing! Not good can’t afford to do that.

Good inn there only 5 pitches, nice catch by Gregory… Let’s go guys go up there swinging

Bolden has thrown 16 total pitches in the last two innings.

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