Arkansas at SMS

I like the lineup. I told brother about an hour ago I’d put Brady in OF and let Ben play 1b. Didn’t think about Jones at DH but I like that too.

Well lead off walk and nothing. Slow start.

And as usual, getting into the ESPN app is nigh onto impossible. I started early. I’m listed as logged in, but the screen is blank, other than the menu items up top. I’ve tried selecting Featured and ESPN+, nothing happens. Oh, it works on the laptop. BUT I WANT TO WATCH ON TV!!

Thank goodness for Phil.

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That didn’t take long….

Adcock works fast

What device are you using, Marty?

It long at all
To give up the homer.

Amazon Firestick.

BTW, the ESPN app updated and it took a really long time to finish that update. I don’t want to delete the app and start over if I can avoid it. Then I would have to re-enter my passwords.

Therein is the problem

I gave up on Firestick with ESPN.

I use Roku and Apple TV
Never have the problems like I did with Firestick

Hiss Boo.

Thanks for the info, Scott.

I may have to dig out the old ROKU.

Leave off double the hogs should score here.

Atta boy Brady

Going opposite way

Yes sir. Slavens got the job done.

My ESPN app on the TV came up blank with the spinning circles too. Dialed Misery State up on the laptop and have Carolina hockey on the TV.

No spinning circles. Just a blank.

Well the walks hurt but the double play is on order. Maybe Adcock can get out of this. Good pitch to get out of it. Double play is a pitchers nest friend.

Rack 'em up!