Arkansas at SMS

I know that they are now Missouri State (and as a native, I was in favor of the name change), but they will always be SMS to me.

Odd decision to pull Wicklander and put Noland in.
Not sure what to make of that with respect to weekend pitching rotation

This is a game to get a little work for several pitchers out of the bull pen. Nothing new just like the second game against Texas last week!

What’s up with our bats? I’m surprised we haven’t scored yet!

team just can’t hit LH pitching.better get that figured out…OM has one,Auburn and Tam have 2…

I can’t get the game and just got in…its b/c he’s LH plain and simple.

Well now I see
I guess since Noland pitched so little last weekend he needed the work

Score? Inning?

This is certainly a disturbing result so far

Misery State is frankly awful

Doesn’t show the game streaming on the espn app for mean anyone else??

It is an ESPN+ game (pay per month). But you can get a one week free preview. Just remember to cancel before they charge you.

Oh ok, thought it was live streaming.

It is live streaming, you just have to pay for it (or use the free preview). I took the preview. I have no need to use ESPN+ except for this game, so I’ll cancel.

It is live streaming.
It’s just on a pay service.

glad they got those LH out of there and we immeditely start hitting and tie the game LOL

I’ve been using my espn app service by Directv, and it’s not streaming on it.

In your ESPN app there is an icon that shows E+. You must use that.

He got all of that one and it was a no doubter! His bat is waking up in time for Ole Miss RHP Ethridge. It could be a good game one for the hogs.

Well it is one of those nights for the young pitcher. First ball to Martin could have been and out and the ball to Kenley are him up and then the walk. No excuse for the walk but there should have been 2 outs