Arkansas at Ole Miss game thread 2021



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Wooooo Pigs

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Anyone not hearing announcers?

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It’s fine here. All but the east west play calling.


My Gosh what an absolutely horrible pass…then our great special team shows up and gives them about a 30-yard return…smh

Special teams again

Already a kicking game bust. At least no penalties yet.

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I was somehow on skycast. No idea how. Watched gameday and the game followed. Weird

Pretty cool really. If only it had the announcers. I like Tesatore

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Great way to give up field position.
We start inside the 20 all as a direct result of the poor punt coverage.

KJ is really unpolished. But he’s what we got. Frustrating. Maybe a better drive here. Run it right at their a**.

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No announcers here on YTTV either. Skycast is OK. Oh, and I can’t get Chuck either.

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Yeah that’s what I would try to do for sure

YTTV as well. Just go to live and select espn. All will be normal

Was it poor coverage or a low kick?

Keep running right at them!

I’m in Baltimore in AP got the game on my dish anywhere

I’m Liking no penalties moving the ball to get in groove


Nice kick and coverage the first guy missed the tackle he started up the sideline for about 30 yards

Ok settle down and drive

No motion penalties in our first series!!


Lining up and pounding them so far. Which works for me