Arkansas at Ole Miss game 3

This boring softball game is not going to end on time!

That’s normal. Anytime our hogs play on TV what ever the heck comes on before them runs over 90% of the time.

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Hope the ump give us those outside strikes…

After 1/2 inning

Ok, we’ve already started slow. My view has been that this team has a lot of warts; meaning I don’t think it’s our year. Statistically, I view the Hogs and Ole Miss as about even. So, I expected Ole Miss to win the series 2-1. We had our chance yesterday, but let it slip by.

Importantly to note, Ole Miss has not yet won a series…Arkansas has not yet won a series on the road.

Slow start offensively is not good for the Hogs. But then, I just saw Stovall make a great defensive play…final score still.tbd

It’s not how you start. It’s how you finish….

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Softball is over.

Yep, fingers crossed.

I can take the slow start at the plate as long as MCEntire keep sitting Ole Miss down in order.
He sure got a huge play from Stovall.

Poor low strike. All by the home plate umpire but you can’t sit there and take one right down Broadway.

I really like it when the games are on a network. It is so much easier to sync the radio broadcast with the network.

Wow, Jace was dominated there.

Yes the bad low strike 2 call changed the AB.
One was low on Diggs called a strike too. Make this young freshman work. Our hogs will hit this guy. All it takes is getting the first base runner and make him stretch!

He looks pretty strong at this time.

After 1.5

Quinn has gone to a full count four times already. His pitch count is going to get out of control quickly if that keeps happening. He hasn’t thrown more than 79 pitches in game.

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After 2, McEntire 17 pitches; Quinn 39 pitches.

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