Arkansas at Ole Miss game 3

Be the biggest Crowd Lockhart has pitched in… Hope he is on.

That, and I’d like to see some Hog bats today…

Hopefully Lockhart has all of his pitches working.
He can be nasty on the mound when he does.

What was the announcer saying earlier about Wiggins?

I thought he said Wiggins is not available today. Hopefully, I misunderstood.

2 on no out need to get some here.

Just said he hasn’t pitched. He’s good to go.

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Boom! What I’m talking about Smith!

Boom that a boy Webb! 5-0

Now this is the way to start a baseball game. I look getting 5 runs in the second inning when it hasn’t even started yet—still 3 outs to go.

Got big bats all through this line up.

Already into the OM bullpen. I like our chances. It’d be sweet to expand this lead early. Get Moore in from 3rd at the least.

Yes definitely need to get Moore in, with wind blowing out you can’t have enough runs

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Well, that was an unfortunate well hit ball right at the first baseman. Made it too easy on the relief pitcher. But hard to complain about a 5 run inning.

We didn’t need that, Lockhart needs a shutdown inning right here,dont let them get any mojo

Love those blue boxes.

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Cmon Lockhart!

The monster woke up hungry today! The appetizer was great, now looking forward an even better main course!!

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