Arkansas at Ole Miss DH game 2

Game two is scheduled for 5:50 CDT.

Phil retweeted this:

Wow Opitz at 1B…Welch in too.

I was a little worried about getting the second game of a DH, but …

Guess that’s the only way to get Leach in.

He’s impressed me with his work behind the plate. He’s good now and bound to get better.

Yeah Leach is a good Catcher,really like him

I swear it’s impossible for us to get off to a good start.

You know, someone ought to tell these guys we are not required to give the other team the early lead

The errors cost the hogs. Wow just make the play!

Palette not real sharp,we’re facing a great pitcher,Franklin just saved some more runs

This is annoying. Another 2 run 1st—and it’s not over

Franklin just saved at least 2 runs

You better learn to hit the corners or it’s going to a tough day

Tough break there

It would be scary how good we would be if we had really good starters

We have some good pitching, just inconsistent good pitching. We don’t have a single ace on the team.
If Kopps was a starter, he would be our ace.
Of course this is JMHO