Arkansas at Ole Miss DH game 1

These are the same lineups as last night.

Only a 20% chance the rest of the day so we have an excellent chance of getting both games in definitely need to win this first one

Why do these things happen when we have a game to play?

Cox: We are working to resolve a service problem in your area. We expect to have services restored by 06:49PM. Msg and data rates may apply. Txt PAUSE UPDATES to stop updates.

Strange time to predict. 6:49? What about 6:48??? or an even 6:50?

It’s back up now, but I don’t trust it to stay up.


Does yours go out a lot?

It hasn’t until recently. They are building a bunch of town houses/apartments just down the street. I suspect that has a LOT to do with this problem.

After 1/2 inning

Not a good start Josie swings at one head high. Wagner takes a fastball right down the middle of a plate for strike three
.Stovall did hit a good sharp grounder to Short but hopefully our approaches will get a lot better

Poor start. 2 strikeouts and one groundout to SS

LSU comes back to win game 2 against SC 8-7…SC blew 4-0 lead in the 4th we needed that to hold up. Weather looks really bad over there be curious if they can get in game 2

I’ve been waiting for this series for awhile. Statistically, the Hogs and Ole Miss are similar even if the W/L is not.

Well a hit batter is not a good way to start Hollan

Bad pitching start

DP would be nice here

And just as I ask, there it comes. Good

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Hey we got a double play at 2:14 p.m. write down that time!!

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I hate OM. I want to sweep them

Is you tube tv not carrying the game? I had it earlier and it disappeared. Next game is showing tomorrow.