Arkansas at Ole Miss DH game 1

Wicklander needs to keep being Sharp

Note: showing results of Hogs at bat.

Got our hands full today, slider almost unhittable against RH.

I’m getting “game hasn’t started yet” on ESPN+

It’s started we went 3 up 3 down with 2 k

I do hate starting out behind. 2 out double gives them a 2 run lead

They got a borderline pitch their way
Would have been out 3

Stinking ump cost us those 2 runs! Had strike 3

I sure thought so and so did Phil.
That’s the Oxford Blues! See and I hits on 1-2 counts then a tough call goes against Wicklander Ole Muss up 2.

Wicklander still not as sharp as he has been, can’t fall behind this team much with their pitching and win

I fully expected the hit after the gift from Blue

I did too…still ticked me off because going to be tough to get much off Hoglund

Video stream finally came up for me

5 K in 10 batters…

Better get somebody else in because wick get Hit hard,exactly what we didn’t need an a DH, they are doing a great job going with the pitch and we are not

Yep, not much longer for Wick.

We just cannot get any consistency from our #1 starter

Or any of the starters, frankly