Arkansas at Mizzou game 2

They’re starting LH, hasn’t had very good numbers but he has struck out 22 in 14 innings has walked 9 so we’ll need to be making sure we swing it strikes.4.50 ERA

I switched over and girls softball is airing.
However, the game is in the bottom of the 7th, so I assume they will switch to the baseball game after the softball game

Missouri continues to get those seeing eye base hits. And they’re already up, 2-0. this team had six hits total in the first two games last week against Vandy.

It’s on now

Yep! Watching now. Thanks!

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Yes Smith just could not get anything past them I’m starting to get concerned about him leaving pictures over the middle of the plate against the better offenses that’s going to get you in trouble. Just doesn’t seem to have a out pitch

Slavens, just put the ball in play.

This would be a good time….

Great job of taking pitches there by Brady slavens bases loaded nobody out webb up… need to have a big inning here

Good for Slavens!

Got to make this a crooked number

Just a awful at bat by webb smh

Wouldn’t this be a GREAT time for a GS!!

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And there goes Gregory taking a freaking pitch right down the middle of the dang plate that he could have crushed I cannot stand his approach at the plate… yeah then he strikes out on two curve balls that he missed by about 3 ft

Come on Wallace! Well we just got the luckiest break in the history of baseball on a pop up to short right that they couldn’t get to and allowed three runs to score… we will take it

Bases loaded with no outs and now bases still loaded with two outs on strike outs.

Man we are awful with bases loaded less than 2!

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