Arkansas at Mizzou, game 1

They are kicking our butt with stinking bunts!!! Bases loaded one out two straig we hadn’t fielded.
Base hit ties the game! Nolan has been nowhere near a Friday night started tonight. He’s not out of the inning yet

Ahead 0/2 and give up a hit to tie the game.
Has already thrown 45 pitches.

Well sometimes that’s the way it goes.
The hogs should have taken advantage of the bases loaded and we didn’t.
Missouri got the big hit there! Noland don’t have it tonight.

At this rate he might not make it thru 4!

Yeah that’s the thing with Connor just about the time you start to get confidence in him he has an outing like this.

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You have that right. He may not get they 3. Well he got thru 2.
The hogs need to keep scoring runs.

Could have been worse!
Tie game.

Phil isn’t impressed with the Missouri facilities

Frustrating. I thought we might blow this open early. Now we’re in a dogfight against a team without nearly our talent.

They are the worst in the SEC and it isn’t close.

This game has turned
We had a chance to crush them early, but now they have the mo

Streaming using the ESPN app is a pain in some ways. I get the TV all synced with the Razorback app and after an inning change, it’s all out of kilter again.

Way too many pitches in the middle of a plate tonight. And Turner’s got to catch that ball just gave them a base there.

My streaming stops about 4 times a game and I have to reconnect. Ugh

I wonder how much that gale of a wind is affecting pitching? It’s darned sure affecting the fly balls.

Okay Tied at 3 let’s get these bats going guys.

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I never did like pitching with The wind in my face. That could be affecting his breaking ball

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Just talking to my brother about that same thing…

Yeah, same here.