Arkansas at Mizzou, game 1

1 st true Road series…have a feeling Slavens breaks out this weekend.

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I have a feeling our hogs get another sweep and you have to win game 1 of the series for that to be possible.
I just want to see Slavens hit the ball hard to the opposite field. That’s where it starts.

that’s why I think he’s close to coming out of it,he has flown out to LF a couple times.

Yes. I sure hope he stops trying to yank everything out to right. When he is on he can take it out anywhere.

Incredible job of hitting there by Turner need to get these runs in…

There you go Bob Moore! Good hit to get the run in

Moore will get it done. And he did. Turner had to hold up in case the ball
Was caught.
I may be ahead of you so I’m going to wait for you to post Youdaman

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Good swing right there slavens that ball was crushed it would have got up it would have been grand slam but we got that run in

@youdaman has the fastest connection in the country… :joy: :joy:

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Post away army don’t wait on me

I think the radio feed is ahead of the stream but I do have fast internet thank goodness

Noland is all over the place. has he throw a fastball at all???

Noland is struggling a little bit.

Yes he’s hung several of them right down the middle of the plate. And then a line drive hit to get the run in

I hope he find his command soon.
Well the walk scored. That’s the way it goes. I hope we keep outing runs on the board.

Yeah I do too just hope they don’t get a hold of some of those he’s hung that last one was his best one he’s thrown today

Going to be some dingers today…

Good job of getting the run in turner

would have liked it got more out of bases loaded one out in your 3,4 up