Arkansas at Mississippi St game 3

This link is to my play by play, basically live stats.

Nothing in the first but he threw 23 pitches. Won’t last too long at that rate.

That last pitch for the K was way outside. We should have runners on 1 & 2 with a batter in the box. Hope we get the same call.

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I thought it was way outside too. Replayed it and it was close. Just call those for Lockhart.

Don’t test Opitz.

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The throw was spot on! Moore Put a good tag on the runner. Good start on the mound for the hogs.
If Fristoe keeps going deep in counts he won’t last long. The Moo U bull pen can’t have a lot left!
I’m hoping he hangs a slider and we mash it!

Anyone know the wind situation in Starkville? Seems windy, wonder if it’s blowing in?

They said it’s blowing out to right.

Wow missing that DP was huge

Dinking us to death this inning

Dodged that bullet, time to get the bats going.

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Bomb by Goodheart!!!

Goodheart got one up in that wind blowing out to right and it went about 400. Probably would have cleared the building at Baum-Walker.

I want some of what Goodheart is eating

Loved to see Goodheart swing at the first meat pitch! First time we as a team swing at first pitch per commentator. Wow! Series that is.

Second and third no outs and we strike out twice

Then they gift us