Arkansas at Mississippi St game 1

No lineups yet.

What channel is the game on?

SEC network +


What a shot by Goodhart!

Home run Derby!

Boom Boom! 2-0!

Boom, Boom, Boom! 3-0

That away Franklin!

Looks like the stadium is 80% full.

Now we have hope we see good wicklander

That was a fairly decent start…

We can’t complain about a 3-0 start. Especially when they are solo homers!
If Wicklander is on this may be a real good start to this series.

Ump inconsistent so far…

Yeah pretty tight zone

Yes he is the ball 4 to Rowdy Jordan looked awful close. The deep counts stink.

He gave the Moo U starter a really wide zone on Webb before we started hitting the ball out of the park.

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Decent start for Wick. Too many balls but not bad.