Arkansas at LSU game thread

Woo Pig Sooie!!
Let’s bring the Boot home!



Loud crowd. Shut them up early

I hope the hogs can shut me up quick!
A fast start would be huge.

Nice Punt return

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3 better then none.

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Cam Little gaining that confidence to last him 3 more seasons.

Yes it was! The field position. Was really nice. The offense was rolling a little and the pass off Burke’s hands slowed the progress. Little making the field goal gets the hogs on the scoreboard first!

Good start. Can’t believe Trey dropped that pass. Got behind the chains. But we scored first. And deferred. ideal scenario.

…and all of the “why don’t we ever blitz” folks must be happy with the first series.

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Burks will need to be very involved tonight

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Yep I would be one of those. Glad to see it also glad to see a 4-man front up there

Come on Trey Williams!!!

I am. Odom is so smart! Multiple fronts on DL. Still an effective rush defense.

We look well prepared on Defense

We are keeping these drives alive for them!!

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These announcers seem to be very impressed by everything LSU does.

Good coverage. Good sack.

Like seeing Morgan coming in to get the QB

I was thinking the same thing.

Pre snap penalties. Wow.

Groundhog day…