Arkansas at LSU game 3 (DH game 2)

Lineups done!


Thanks Marty… I expected we might see Cali in there the way Coll struggled so far in the series…

Adcock is a mystery man to say the least he has the stuff to be very good if he can just spot It.

Their guy was one of the top transfer portals out of UCLA where he had a 1.06 era 34 innings pitched 16 hits 48 strikeouts

This yr has an ERA at 2.57 21 IP 17 hits 29 K what I saw from him last week is a really good fastball but his change up is filthy if he’s throwing it like he did last week against Texas A&M so hopefully we will be able to lay off of that.

They suckered us into swinging high pitches all first game hopefully we laid off of that this game and make them get the ball down

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Is it on tv or only on streaming?

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Only streaming this evening.


Tough break Peyton that ball was scorched only a great play by Morgan stopped that from being a hit

Boom!! Deja vu… let’s just hope the rest of the game don’t go the same LOL

There you go Brady that’s what I’m talking about go up there ready to hit

This guy has a great change up but he got a couple of them up last week against A&M and got burned

Nice shot from Wegner now a double from Slavens. Good start. Now for a better 2-9 innings

We need a big hit Kendall Diggs… Lay off that high one Kendall that’s a ball…

Great AB. Bases loaded we need a big hit Cali… lay off the high one guys he’ll walk you. They saw a swinging all of them first game

Hold em up!!

Thank you LSU all donations appreciated now come on rowland let’s really hurt their feelings

4 pitch Walk…need another one before they take him out.

What is it with watching strike 3?

Selective is good, but hitting the ball is better

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We have not been able to really get a big hit all day with the bases loaded or with runners on first and second that will have to change


After 1/2 inning

It does not bode well for our chances

Now we have to have Adcock come out and command the strike zone in and then mix in that good curveball away

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On the last one I agree. Why he didn’t swing since he went for the other one.