Arkansas at LSU game 2 (DH game 1)

They have feasted on RH pitching… got to really keep the ball down today Mac.

Their starter 2.25 ERA 20 IP 9 hits 6 BB 24 K.

Another high velo guy 95+ but he will make mistakes and can get frustrated on the mound hopefully we jump on him early and give Mac some breathing room

Bring the WOOD HOGS!! WPS!

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He has a third as many K’s as Skenes so not super overpowering.

Yeah I don’t think anybody is going to be as overpowering as Skenes but he is averaging a K per inning which would be 9 a game… I think it helps us to have faced Skenes yesterday.

They have definitely switched up their lineup today.

Tavian, pretty nice lead off hitter (omg an error).

Boom!!! Wegner with a two-run bomb looks like the wind is blowing out


Maybe a completely different kind of game today. We’re getting our bats on the ball & already have 2 runs. Hope our pitchers can hold LSU hitting down. Hard to duplicate yesterday’s performance, but I’d like to see something close.


Run that pitch count up



Yeah that looked like a routine fly ball I was amazed that it carried out of the ballpark

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Need to get Jace back swinging a hot stick


Good for Pops!

Mr Floyd…. Meet MR. BAT!

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Yes, that was a really easy two strike swing…windy or not, he puts wood into it.

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Well he don’t put any wood to it but I know what you mean LOL he is a strong young man

Another hit batter we have to really take advantage of this opportunity to put a big number on the board

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He has a lot of mettle

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Definitely :blush:

This guy’s a head case on the mound we need to really take advantage of this.

Would have been nice to get more than 2 but I’ll take it…

Coll not going to see many fastballs the rest of this series probably after he turned around Skenes 100 and like to knock the third baseman down yesterday.

Come on Mac got a really spin the ball down today.