Arkansas at LSU game 1

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Hopefully we can get
Wick for 6,7 and Kopps to close it out,will need to lay of Marceaux Breaking ball it is really good.

Well, great play by their 2nd baseman to rob a base hit.

And the first baseman…

Yep. They both played it well.

Won’t make that play 1/10 times but did then… Have no clue what Gregory was doing took 3 strikes including a hanging CB for strike 3

After 1/2

I’m so nervous. We are better than LSU, but they’ve been playing better lately, we’re down there, and they’ve had our number forever. I want to beat them so badly. Already sick of hearing about the “crowd in the Box”

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Yeah me too, their pitcher is very good, great catch by Wallace!

Can’t sit there and take 2 down the middle Franklin… Swing the bat.cant let him get ahead of you

I was hoping we would catch Marceaux on an off night but he’s dealing… We have had no clue so far

I’m afraid this pitcher is throwing really well. If he keeps this up, we’re not gonna get many hits. I was afraid something like this would happen down here. Our damned luck.

If you let him get ahead in the count forget it, CB is too good

OK now Gregory go up their ready to swing!

Well Wicklander is humming but so the LSU starter. Gregory got hit! Review oh well.

Yeah it hit him

Then Gregory swings at a ball a foot outside