Arkansas at LSU DH game 2 (series game 3)

I can’t really think of anyone I’d be terribly confident with. Maybe Wiggins, but he can be awfully erratic at times.

Wallets up 11-6 after 6. Softball still scoreless in the seventh.

We have 15 more outs. This game ain’t over, in spite of the whinefest in this thread.

No. It’s not over. Getting that 1 run was important. Hilliard is up to 70 pitches. LSU has BP problems. They blew a big lead against OM last week. But we still need to shut them down.

Monke is looking pretty good so far.

It is hard to sweep, especially when you are playing doubleheaders every weekend.

Hilliard has been sitting on 70 pitches for a while now.

Hard to believe we are getting schooled by this clown 2 hits in 5 inn.but maybe we can hold them and pull it out late

Softball gets an RBI pinch hit in the seventh inning. Hogs win 1-0.



Bid win for the girls! Real big considering Fl lost today. This whole series is big?

Misery whipped Florida today. I believe a win tomorrow clinches a tie for the SEC title.

Monke has at least come in & stopped LSU. Now would be a really good time for our bats to get hot.

Yes! Win the series and can do no worse than share the SEC reg season championship!