Arkansas at LSU DH game 1 (series game 2)

Way to.go the other way!

Cmon Smith!

Well double play then wild pitch to give up the run.

Nice DP. But bad time for a WP

Boo Benton. Yay Bryant Hornets

Now thats better Smith,then we give them a stinking run!

Good folks in Bryant too General. Been to a few Of those Benton/Bryant games!

Bryant alum and I always like to tease Benton a little.

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Id love to see the Hogs control it til the 7th and let Wiggins get work in to get sharp, we still need him to go along with Kopps

Top of the order up and they are threatening to get right bsck in the game

Fielding mistake. Gonna get LSU back into this

team breakdown, gotta get a leader to stop this. Paulette has good stuff.

Quit giving them runs! Whst is this crap!

I hate these kinds of mistakes. Now runners at the corners with just 1 out. Might be time to pull Pallette

I think hes fine

What a play, Bob Moore!

What a play by Moore for the double play. That’s an ESPN high light play.